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informacion basica de WCU-Dance

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introduction text in English basic information about WCU-Dance :


WCU-Dance = “We See You Dance”.  

The focus of our non-profit organisation is on DANCE for YOUTH & CHILDREN.

Not to make them dance like we do, but to discover and to SEE the unique dance that's in every youngster and child!

Our team of danceteachers facilitates educational danceworkshops in schools in Belgium.We bring the world of streetchildren into the classroom. Also since 2010, every year we organise a dancecontest (see link contest). All benefits go to a streetchildren project abroad.

Our newest project is DanceTheater SEE (an inclusion project)

in which our dancetheatergroup BuYo (butoh youth) is building towards a performance show with 22 children with disabilities, 20 youngsters (youthcare) and 20 adults (dance/theater).

...we support streetchildren in third world countries and of native cultures...

...but also and not to forget "streetchildren" in our own country or neighborhood :

the children and youngsters that got stuck in 'a dead end street' and face major problems...

!give them a second Dance!



Calle 13 Ft. Mercedes Sosa : "hay un nino en la calle" :




the CHILD    -   the DANCE    -    NATURE     -   the FAMILY     -    the SCHOOL


By dancing with the children, we build a world of multicultural global awareness and solidarity : "THE WORLD IS ONE LARGE VILLAGE" (statement by Minister of State Mark Eyskens, during his speech on October 17th 2011 at the University of Antwerp on the communicative world society)

Our keyword is Empowerment :

through DANCE and on a positive, gentle and fun way,

we let the children discover their center, core, strenght, self-esteem, abilities and dreams...

"dancing = dreaming with your feet and body "


a dancing child = a happy child






One of our 20 team members can come to your school and give a dance/yoga/creative workshop. In a playful and attractive way, our instructor brings the issue of street children to the attention of the kids. In this way your school can support our organisation in supporting the streetchildren.

For more information, rates and reservations, please fill out our contact form or click ‘WHAT/schools & workshops”.


-- contact --




Would you like to bring more movement in your teaching skills? Would you like to invite your children in class to start each session with a smile and a clear mind?

Would you like to use some of our '5 minutes-tools' to relax your children?

Our danceworkshop-for-teachers will take you on a journey experiencing these tools an will teach you how to implement them. Or a teambuilding afternoon workshop can be a very good idea.

For more information please mail us on contact





do you like to be a part of our team of VOLUNTEERS / DANCETEACHERS ?


Every year we organise a compact training (4 weekends in feb/march/april/mai) to become a children-dance-coach. You can send us your application form (background, education, dancetraining or experience in dance, children or youngsters). After a testing for WCU-Dance and Kleur Bekennen, you can give workshops in schools! For more information just send us an email.

-- contact --



SUPER DANCE CONTEST  Schoolyear 2016 - 2017


Hey, creative danceteacher !

Join the Dance Contest of WCU-Dance (we see you dance) and meanwhile support the street children!

Just make a choreo, a dance with your kids (6-12 years, or 12-18 years), and participate.

Each year before the end of december you can send in your video/choreo!

Watch also the video clips of last years winners! (click 'contest')

-- further information --





In this inovatif project we guided a group of danceteachers/actors/dancers, to assist a group of youngsters (youthcare in cooperation with De Wissel, Rizsas and Jeugddorp) and a group of children with special care (schools of Ter Bank Leuven, and Damiaan Tremelo) in a half year proces towards the dancetheater SEE. 

Do you See the face, the mask, the problem, the label of the child or youngster?

Or do you See the wonderful Diamond deep inside?

The theaterperformances were on sunday 7 (cc Den Bussel Keerbergen) and 14 june 2015 (cc OPEK Leuven)!

Coördinator Dancetheater SEE : Gert Daniels (0498/276771).



If you would like to participate in next year's project "RockOpera See2", please send us your application letter and we invite you to our introduction session or casting in october 2016. We have a short training week in december, and the next project starts in january 2017.







6 minutes for peace ? we invite you to watch the film :


and some pictures :









4 of our teammembers work together with organisations that give troubled or problem youngsters and children a home and new opportunities. We use DANCE and MOVEMENT as a powerful and soft tool to give them a positive and renewed connection with their body and inner strength.

In 2012 we worked together with YAR (Youth at Risk) and coached youngsters (youthcare).

(info :

Since beginning of 2014 we also work together with De Wissel and Centre Molenmoes (alternate dayprogramm for youngsters). (info :

In january 2015 we started a dancetheaterproject SEE, in cooperation with De Wissel, Jeugddorp (youthvillage Bonheiden), and two schools (buso) kids. The theatershows were in june 2015.


For more information, rates and reservations, please fill out our contact form.

These programs and workshops are custom made in consultation with your organisation.

-- contact --







Your financial support can change a child's life!


Every financial contribution for the benefit of the street children is most welcome ! Our bank account number is  IBAN BE75 7370 3060 4351   BIC : KREDBEBB . Every cent of the donations will be transferred  entirely to the street children (information about this project : click on 'what/project').  (Please do not forget to mention ‘DONATION STREET CHILDREN’ when transferring your payment.)


Interested to become our MAIN SPONSOR for this year?

Or do you like to support the yearly dancecontest, or donate prices?

Mail (contact) Gert Daniels or call 0032/498/27 67 71.

Thank you!








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